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We are mail order service company specializing primarily in rare, collectible and hard to find import music CD's and LP's. Our forte is Progressive rock and Psychedelic music from 60s, 70s.... to present time, including rare progressive and psychedelic rock bands, symphonic rock, krautrock, space rock, art rock, hard rock and electronic.

 Not only that, but we do sell all other styles of music such as heavy metal, trance, classic rock, psychedelic trance, dance, pop music, spiritual, new age, gothic, jazz, gospel, funk, country, folk and blues as well. Majority of our merchandise is new, however we do have some used CDs and vinyl records as well. In addition we carry some unusual laser discs, music videos, DVD music and video tapes. 

All advertised items listed in Progressive Catalog and Master Catalog are available via online ordering. If you prefer, you can go directly to Music Search or New Releases. Items "In stock" will be immediately shipped. For items not in stock and marked as "Special orders", please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

You can also listen or download the music. We are starting to introduce some interesting and not so well known artists and bands. The selections are just short clips to "get a feel" of what is their music about. Click on our Listen page.

If you have any special requests or wishes, please click here to send us a request. We have a large database with other styles of music as well.

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